Windsor Castle

The Queen was in residence at the time of our visit, but we didn't get to see her.

Exterior wall Turrets
Cannon at the ready Cannon at the ready
Arrow slit, from the inside
Portcullis gate Hot oil port, watch out
More gateways Towers
St. George's Chapel St. George's Chapel Albert Memorial Chapel
The Round Tower The Round Tower
Can you say Keep Out? The Royal residence

Gargoyles and Other Carvings

Gargoyles and carved stone aren't common in The States so we took lots of pictures of them.

A couple of gargoyles
Gargoyle Gargoyle Gargoyle
Statue and gargoyle Coat of Arms
Some gargoyles being ridden by ?
More gargoyles Gargoyles and other carvings
Three gargoyles
Close up of middle gargoyle Close up of right hand gargoyle




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