The Flowers of Ireland.

There are a lot of UFOs on this page, unidentified flowering objects. Let us know if you know what any of these are.

Cardiff and Blarney

Flower bed outside Cardiff Castle Giant relative of the rhubarb as seen at Blarney. For scale - I'm 5 foot 2.

The Ring of Kerry

Bright colors flashed by us as we drove the Ring. The coast line was forbidding and the flowers brilliant.

Along the Ring of Kerry Along the Ring of Kerry
Along the Ring of Kerry Along the Ring of Kerry
Along the Ring of Kerry Along the Ring of Kerry

A beautiful and bright orange flower seen everywhere along the Ring. Peter told us the name of it, but of course we've forgotten it.
Think the name starts with a GVery cheering even on a cloudy dayReally wish I could remember it's name
Still can't rememberDittoHope you liked looking at it anyway


Heather Heather
Heather Heather
Fuchsia & orange flower Love the stone flower bed
Can't remember this one's name either Tree at Ladies' View

The Irish National Stud

It was raining on an off. Instead of a tour of the stables we wandered through the gardens.

Reminds me of the Crystaline Entity from Star Trek Face like a daffodil, but it's not
Unidentified purple flower Unidentified purple flower
Autumn is around the corner UFO, but easy on the eyes
Another unidentified purple flower That same orange one again
Now it's a pink one Lots of berries
Same breed A redder version
The first leaf to turn Incognito Topiary
Another fuchsia, a wallpaper picture
Fuchsia with raindrops Fuchsia with raindrops
A stream runs through it Weeping willow

We walked through St. Stephen's Green in Dublin

Formally royal grounds this park had lots of beautiful vegetation and lots of billboards.

Scene from St. Stephen's Green Same scene, different angle
Another UFO A rose, a touch past it's prime
Real live Holly, a first for us The berries were just starting to turn red
We think it's a lilac Lots of orange berries
A small boat turned into a planter along Dublin's waterfront




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