Carvings, Gargoyles and Statues

Man's head and fists Lion head sticking out tongue It predates V-8 juice...
Evil Jester face St. Michael defeating evil
Woman's face on a spire A crowned man
Statues in niches Two spires
A very ornate spire, different building
That's one big nose on that gargoyle An I'll-get-you kind of look
Goofy looking thing Reminds me of a cartoon character but can't think who
More canine gargoyle Kind of bull dog faced gargoyle

Wall Carvings

We were quite surprised to see a skull and crossbones carved on the side of a cathedral.

Carvings on Coventry Cathedral
It must mean something, but not to me Really, a skull and crossbones!

Stain Glass that survived WWII

Between the vibration of bombs, the heat of the fires and all this time it is really amazing that this glass remains.

Stained glass in old cathedral Stained glass in old cathedral
Stained glass in old cathedral




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