Upland Birds

We were surprised by the lack of wildlife on this trip. Our guide said that the English Sparrow is in a serious decline, we never saw one (until we got back home).

Starling at St. Pauls Starling at St. Pauls
Pigeon at London Pigeon at Cardiff

A Wood Dove

We saw this dove at many locations. The lighting made a dramatic difference in it's coloring.

Wood Dove Wood Dove, actually looked purple
Wood Dove, yes same one Wood Dove


Lots of crows around.

European Magpies Hoodie Crow, saw several but never got a picture, borrowed this one.
Crow with silvery head Crow with silvery head


The male had a gimpy leg and was still hard to get a picture of him. These were at Blenheim.

Male ring neck pheasant Female ring neck pheasant




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