Day 1 - August 11th


July 15th we bought a new suitcase for the trip so we had two cases with wheels. We began the process of packing - selecting what clothes to take. We purchased several short sleeve shirts for each of us and had these packed when we did a pre-flight weather forcast check - highs in the high 60s. Quick rethink and several long sleeve shirts replaced most of the ones we had so painstakingly folded for travel.

Doug was taking his old, "reliable" suitcase - the green thing in the picture. Carefully packed we were ready to go with our two suitcase, a backpack for the notebook computer and a Globus issued carry-on bag. We packed a change of underwear and socks in our carry-ons, just in case.

We left for Denver DIA to catch our 8:15 PM flight on British Airways to Heathrow Airport in London.

Our tickets and passports in hand we made it through the Airport with only one minor hitch. My hand lotion was the requisite 3 oz. size (actually a lot less as quite a bit had already been used), but the bottle was so big they thought it must be more. They did look rather annoyed that they couldn't confiscate it for being over the limit.

We took off only 15 minutes late for our nine hour flight. I took drowsy formula motion sickness pills and had a couple of beers, but still wasn't able to sleep much on the flight. Doug did managed to catch a few ZZZs.
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